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It’s been a rad summer here in Philadelphia. We’ve been living, laughing, loving, and all the other L words that you do during summer. And now we’ve reached our 200th post at The Daily Rag. I appreciate all of you loyal readers, however often you come visit us. There’s lots of change in the air. New seasons, birthdays, new jobs, new leases on life, but no matter what changes, we’ll still be holdin’ it down here at our online home.

There’s also some exciting things in the works for our fair blog: year end/decade end lists, new contributors and new dope shit for your eyes and ears. Hopefully you enjoy what you find here and continue to come back.

As a little personal thank you to all of you, this is a mix I’ve been listening to myself for the last couple weeks. There’s stuff on it i’ve already posted, and stuff I haven’t. Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I’ve been. Thanks again! Have an amazing weekend!


The XX



Picture 1Dirty Projectors

Bitte Orca

Stillness Is The Move

Picture 2Diamond Rings

PS I Love You 7″

All Yr Songs

Picture 3Yeasayer

Dark Was the Night Comp


atlas_sound-logosAtlas Sound

Logos LP

Walkabout ft. Panda Bear

Picture 4The Beach Boys

Little Deuce Coupe LP

Girls On The Beach

Picture 5Little Joy

Self Titled LP


dragonslayerSunset Rubdown

Dragonslayer LP

You Go On Ahead (Trumpet Trumpet II)

Picture 8Wale

Back to the Feature Mixtape

Um Ricka ft. K’Naan

imagesThe Dead Weather

Horehound LP

I Cut Like A Buffalo

hospice+the+antlers+indiecacionesThe Antlers

Hospice LP


Picture 6The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Young Adult Friction 7″


Picture 7The Rural Alberta Advantage

Hometowns LP

In the Summertime

manmanrabbithabitsMan Man

Rabbit Habbits LP

Mysteries Of The Universe Unraveled


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Little Joy


Since Tara put me onto this album, I can’t stop listening to it. I remember hearing about Fab Moretti, the drummer from The Strokes, and his new side project Little Joy, but didn’t think it would actually be worth a spin. But as side projects go, this one’s aces.

Fab, his super cute lady friend Binki Shapiro, and Los Hermanos singer Rodrigo Amarante are the lynch pins of this off the cuff colaboration. The three of them, with some help from their friends, rented a house by the beach in Cali, hung out at the local bar called Little Joy, and recorded a few tracks that would end up being this breezy summer soundtrack (released last fall). What a fucking life.

Regardless of the jealousy, this album is perfect for ushering in the warmth that doubtlessly inspired it’s songs. Check it out.

littlejoyLittle Joy – The Next Time Around

Little Joy – Unattainable

Little Joy – Shoulder to Shoulder

And on film from the DUMBO Sessions:

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