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Love is All


These Swedish scenesters are dropping their post-punk + sax sounds on Philly tonight at KFN. I’ve been interested in seeing Love is All live for some time now so the fact that they’ll be at a bar four blocks from my house is maybe fate. And who doesn’t love a band with a cute yelping female singer. Should be a good time.

Love is All

Nine Times That Same Song LP

album_packshotTalk Talk Talk Talk

Busy Doing Nothing

Felt Tip

Love is All

A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night LP

loveisallWishing Well

Big Bangs, Black Holes, Meteorites

A More Uncertain Future


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Kurt Vile


I saw this guy open for Times New Viking at Kung Fu Necktie last night. It was like seeing an epic rock show circa 1974. Rather than the tinny drum machines on his albums, they had a burly drummer pounding away to the songs. And rather than the Jim James style vocal effects on the albums, they used enough reverb to make even his most intelligible mumblings bounce around the room til the end of the set. Kurt Vile and his band turned these lovely bedroom pop songs into monstrously powerful walls of sound. It was a performance I won’t soon forget.

Oh yeah, and Times New Viking sucked.

Kurt Vile

Constant Hitmaker LP


Don’t Get Cute

Classic Rock in Spring/Freeway in Mind

Kurt Vile

God is Saying This To You… LP

kurt+vile+god+is+sayingRed Apples

Beach on the Moon

Songs for John in D

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They’re Better Live


I’m making this list of shows I want to see in the coming months. I’m sure I’ll only make like half of them, but I can dream. If anyone else wants to join in the orgy that is live music in the spring/summer, holla at me. I’m always down.

Shows and music below the link…

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