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Summer Haze


I’ve been kind of getting into Dinosaur Jr. all over again the past year or two. It’s like a coming home moment every time I listen to them now. As a punk ass little skater tween, I listened to some Dinosaur Jr. Mainly because my older, cooler friends listened to them. Now when I put them on it gives me this hazy nostalgia for skating through the streets in the summertime.

New song’s got that good old school Dinosaur Jr. vibe..

farmDinosaur Jr.

Farm LP

I Want You to Know

And a new song by Woods take me to that same nostalgic place. It just uses a different route to get there. It’s a B-side off a new 7″. They also have a new album out called Songs of Shame. Pretty great new stuff.


Sunlit/The Dark 7″

The Dark


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Citizens of the Daydream Nation


The new self titled release from Wavves is the most recent entry into the budding category of indie rock dubbed lo-fi garage rock/fuzz punk/noise pop/etc. Whatever you want to call it, these young bands (including Wavves, No Age, Times New Viking, Vivian Girls, etc.) have a lot of raw talent and ideas. Perhaps being brought up on grunge music myself in the 90’s gives me the ability to appreciate these new misfits. Whatever the reason, I’m into them and eagerly anticipating what they have stored for us in the future.

Sample and enjoy…

wavvvesWavves – So Bored

Wavves – No Hope Kids

Wavves – Sun Opens My Eyes

noageNo Age – Eraser

No Age – Ripped Knees

No Age – Neck Escaper [from the Weirdo Rippers LP]

viviangirls-1Vivian Girls – Where do You Run To

Vivian Girls – Such A Joke

Vivian Girls – All the Time

Whatever you call their brand of rock, it’s clearly evident they were turning some of this shit up in their pre-teen bedrooms…

2107540517_6ba4474418_oDinosaur Jr – Tarpit

Dinosaur Jr – Kracked

Dinosaur Jr – Lighning Bulb [from the Beyond LP]

sonic_youth_daydream_nationSonic Youth – Silver Rocket

Sonic Youth – Kissability

Sonic Youth – Hey Joni

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Just a quick guy


Martha Reeve & The Vandellas – Dance Party [from the Dance Party LP]

Marnie Stern – Ruler [from the This is it & I am it… LP]

Deerhunter – Nothing Ever Happened [from the Microcastle LP]

Dinosaur Jr – Tarpit [from the You’re Living All Over Me LP]

No Age – Here Should Be My Home [from the Nouns LP]

Black Lips – Drugs [from the 200 Million Thousand LP]

Talking Heads – Psycho Killer [from the 77 LP]

Santogold – Guns of Brooklyn [from the Top Ranking: A Diplo Dub Mixtape]

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