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Vintage Type Specimens = Design Porn





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I found this somewhere on my travels through the internets. I don’t know who made it but I think it’s great. I haven’t had a chance to actually use it yet. Maybe someday.

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Humans Since 1982


Humans Since 1982 is a Swedish design group whose new project is The Clock Clock. You have to see it in motion. Pretty cool.

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Image Spark


Image Spark is a great new image bookmarking site. I’ve been using it for about a week and am enjoying it. It’s simple and nice to look at. It also has a function for compiling groups of your collected images into mood boards for specific projects.

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Square America


This website, Square America, collects old photographs or “excerpts from the annals of everyday life”. Most of the photos are categorized, but it’s more fun to just start digging and see what you find. There’s some amazing old stuff.

Some of my finds:






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Earth Day


Today is Earth Day, the one day a year elementary school kids are made to show their “green-ness” through poster competitions. You can show your support for Mother Earth in whatever way you please now that you’ve surpassed a 4th grade education. Maybe ride a bike, sing with the birds, or actually throw something in your recycling bin? To help get you in the mood, I’ve put together a little playlist of bands/songs who’s titles at least are directly inspired by all things natural. And if you’re interested in making every day Earth Day, Mr. Father Earth himself, Robert Redford, tells you how… Making Every Day Earth Day (Huffington Post)

Above art by Josh Keyes

Antsy Pants – Tree Hugger [from the Juno Soundtrack]

Mary Wells – We’ll Sing in the Sunshine

Blossom Dearie – They Say It’s Spring [from the Blossom Dearie LP]

Animal Collective – In the Flowers [from the Merriweather Post Pavilion LP]

Destroyer – Blue Flower/Blue Flame [from the Trouble in Dreams LP]

Beach House – Apple Orchard [from the Beach House LP]

The Shins – Red Rabbits [from the Wincing the Night Away LP]

Cat Power – Silver Stallion [from the Jukebox LP]

The Rolling Stones – Wild Horses [from the Sticky Fingers LP]

Grizzly Bear – Deep Blue Sea [from the Dark Was the Night Comp]

Iron & Wine – The Sea and the Rhythm [from The Sea and the Rythm EP]

Band of Horses – The Great Salt Lake [from the Everything All the Time LP]

Bon Iver – Woods [from the Blood Bank EP]

The Beach Boys – The Surfer Moon [from the Surfer Girl LP]

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On the Newspaper


To me, it seems that newspapers deserve a better fate than lining the birdcage of history. They are an historic entity. And I know this whole technology thing is what all the kids are talking about, but isn’t it great to actually turn the pages of something, be it a book, magazine or paper, and follow a story line from page to page? I keep hope alive that certain niche markets will keep smaller versions of the original print versions of papers going, but it does seem inevitable that many of the larger rags will go online only in the not too distant future. The horror.

In any event, here are some ideas that are floating around in the ether on how to possibly save this sinking ship.

From Time Magazine, by Walter Isaacson, How to Save Your Newspaper. This is a great article, but it pushes the idea of paying for online content, which many many people are vehemently opposed to, but seems an inevitable conclusion in the long run.

This short but excellent TED Talk features Jacek Utko, A European Art Director, who took some failing Eastern European newspapers and made them look pretty, with amazing results.

Can Design Save the Newspaper?

And this is just a cool site. Rayogram Newscan shows you the full printed front pages of the world’s major newspapers, side by side. Which actually goes a long way in proving the point of the TED Talk, that re-design in newspapers is sorely needed .


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