The Clipse, comprised of two brother from Virginia Beach, Pusha T and Malice, are about the best rap duo out there right now (as is evident by the line up in our mast head “Addicted to the Fly” which is from one of their mixtapes). They have a new album coming out late summer and have been leaking a few tracks from it with cover art by Kaws. Their past two propper albums are packed with sick coke rhymes backed by beats from Pharrell and the Neptunes. They’ve also stayed relevant between releases by dropping about as many mixtapes on us as Lil’ Wayne with their foursome, the Ru-Up Gang. Can’t wait for the new shit to drop.


Til the Casket Drops LP

I’m Good ft. Pharrell


Til the Casket Drops LP

Kinda Like A Big Deal ft. Kanye West


Road to Til the Casket Drops Mixtape


The Haters Wish


Re-Up Gang

We Got It for Cheap Vol. 3 Mixtape

reupRoc Boys

Rainy Dayz

Cry Now

Re-Up Gang

We Got It for Cheap Vol. 2 Mixtape


Hate It Or Love It

I’m A Hustla


Hell Hath No Fury LP

ClipseHellHathNoFuryMr. Me Too ft. Pharrell

Ride Around Shining ft. Ab Liva

Keys Open Doors


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