How to Rob an Industry Hipster


So there’s this italian wannabe rapper douche here in Philly named Phil Esposito (aka Big City Philadelphia ???) who recently put out a YouTube video/song called How to Rob an Industry Hipster. Blatantly tearing a page out of 50 Cent‘s pre-fame playbook with his song How to Rob an Industry Nigga, Esposito takes shots at the new class of cool in hip hop. Only this time around, the dude grasping at fame ain’t got no talent. And for some reason, Philadelphia Weekly picked it up and ran a cover story on him. Yikes. But it’s worth a listen. He takes shots at everyone from Kanye to M.I.A. to Q Tip to The Cool Kids (above). Thing is, if he’s looking to start hip hop beef, I think he chose the wrong crowd. Whoops. My guess is half these dudes don’t even eat beef. Fucking hipsters!!!


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One response to “How to Rob an Industry Hipster

  1. southside

    you read about his life, listened to his mixtape, and you came to the conclusion he’s a no talent wannabe rapper – how? AND ur from philly? ur a disgrace to hip hop, blogger. luckily, nobody knows who you are.

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