Torture Memos Monthly


So I’m still new here in Philly and am quite loyal to the New York Times. I don’t pick it up with the regularity that I did while living in NY, but I still buy a physical copy when I can, and their website is my home page. It pays to be an informed citizen.

But seeing as I’m now a Philadelphian, I’ve been weighing what paper to start picking up so I know what’s going on in this city.

Seems like the Philadelphia Inquirer is trying to make my choice easier. As of Sunday, the Inquirer has enlisted a new monthly columnist, John Yoo. You may have heard that name before. Yoo is none other than the top Bush administration lawyer that authored the famous “torture memos” that paved the way for that administration to torture detainees at Guantanamo and elsewhere.

Unless his new column is called “Torture Memos”, I don’t think anything he writes at this point is worth the paper it’s written on, let alone the time it takes to read it.

I’m not really one for pushing causes or personal beliefs on anyone, but this just seems like a no brainer, and a ridiculously bad move for the Inquirer. So for myself, I’ll be staying as far away from that paper as I can, and I encourage everyone else to make their own informed decision.

Get your own boycott the Philadelphia Inquirer badge (up top) from Philebrity.

Will Bunch of the Daily News is also all over this. Worth a read.


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