Prolific or Petulant?


Or maybe both?

There will always be arguments about Ryan Adams. There’s his spotlight hungry persona (he’s now engaged to Mandy Moore), his mythical tantrum filled concerts, and the old quality vs. quantity argument. But aside from all of that, his bloated catalog of music verges on brilliant at it’s high points.

His music has always been a good companion for a rainy day. That fact, on this rainy day, is what sent me digging through the vastness that is the Ryan Adams section of my iTunes.

I’ve collected here some 30 tracks of what is for me the best and brightest of his output. It’s pretty amazing looking back on it all. He’s just barely in his 30’s and has 10 properly released solo albums (three of those as Ryan Adams & The Cardinals). And that’s saying nothing about his pre-solo career with Whiskeytown, the many other full length demo albums floating around the internet, the full length cover of The StrokesIs This It LP on mandolin that no one’s ever heard, and the tracks he’s posted to his blog under so many poorly thought out pseudonyms (Werewolph!?).

That amount of output says alot about an artist. Good and bad. Self editing can be a great thing. But when the good is as good as say Oh My Sweet Carolina, I’ll take the bad that comes with it any day.

I’ve been listening to some of these songs for years, and they always put me in a happily nostalgic place. Hope they can do something for you too.


From the Heartbreaker LP:

ryanadams_heartbrRyan Adams – To Be Young (is to be sad, is to be high)

Ryan Adams – Oh My Sweet Carolina

Ryan Adams – Come Pick Me Up

From the Gold LP:

gold_ryan-adams1Ryan Adams – La Cienega Just Smiled

Ryan Adams – Gonna Make You Love Me

Ryan Adams – Harder Now that it’s Over

From the Demolition LP:

album-ryan-adams-demolitionRyan Adams – Hallelujah

Ryan Adams – Chin Up, Cheer Up

Ryan Adams – Dear Chicago

From the Gold Bonus Disc 2:

gold_ryan-adams1Ryan Adams – Rosalia Come and Go

Ryan Adams – Cannonball Days

Ryan Adams – The Bar is a Beautiful Place

From the Love Is Hell EPs:

love-is-hellRyan Adams – Anybody Wanna Take Me Home

Ryan Adams – Wonderwall

Ryan Adams – Hotel Chelsea Nights

From the Cold Roses 2LP:

cold-roses-ryan-adams-cardinals-cd-cover-artRyan Adams & The Cardinals – Meadowlake Street

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals – Beautiful Sorta

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals – Let It Ride

From the Jacksonville City Nights LP:

album-jacksonville-city-nightsRyan Adams & The Cardinals – A Kiss Before I Go

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals – Hard Way to Fall

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals – The Hardest Part

From the Easy Tiger LP:

RA_ET_MINI_FNL.qxdRyan Adams – Goodnight Rose

Ryan Adams – Off Broadway

Ryan Adams – Two

From the Cardinology LP:

cardinologyRyan Adams & The Cardinals – Born Into A Light

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals – Fix it

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals – Let Us Down Easy

Various unreleased tracks:

Ryan Adams – My California Love

Ryan Adams – Karina

Ryan Adams – One for the Rose

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