Camera Obscura


Lead singer Tracyanne Campbell and the rest of Camera Obscura have a new album coming out next week titled My Maudlin Career. These guys have a solid catalog at this point filled with Phil Spector-esque pop drama. They don’t change up the format too often, including on the new album, but that’s probably for the better. They know what they’re good at, and they’re riding it out. The new album was produced by Jari Haapalainen who’s produced Peter Bjorn & John and The Concretes, as well as their last album, Let’s Get Out of This Country, so you know what to expect. Good solid indie pop. Yay!

From the My Maudlin Career LP:

149041cameracovCamera Obscura – French Navy

Camera Obscura – My Maudlin Career

Camera Obscura – James

From the Let’s Get Out of This Country LP:

camera-obscura-lets-get-out-of-this-countryCamera Obscura – Lloyd I’m Ready to be Heartbroken

Camera Obscura – Let’s Get Out of This Country

Camera Obscura – I Need All the Friends I Can Get

From the Under Achievers Please Try Harder LP:

camera-obscuraCamera Obscura – Suspended From Class

Camera Obscura – A Sister’s Social Agony

Camera Obscura – Books Written for Girls


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  1. Nice, I am totally psyched! Perfect present for my sister.

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