Little Joy


Since Tara put me onto this album, I can’t stop listening to it. I remember hearing about Fab Moretti, the drummer from The Strokes, and his new side project Little Joy, but didn’t think it would actually be worth a spin. But as side projects go, this one’s aces.

Fab, his super cute lady friend Binki Shapiro, and Los Hermanos singer Rodrigo Amarante are the lynch pins of this off the cuff colaboration. The three of them, with some help from their friends, rented a house by the beach in Cali, hung out at the local bar called Little Joy, and recorded a few tracks that would end up being this breezy summer soundtrack (released last fall). What a fucking life.

Regardless of the jealousy, this album is perfect for ushering in the warmth that doubtlessly inspired it’s songs. Check it out.

littlejoyLittle Joy – The Next Time Around

Little Joy – Unattainable

Little Joy – Shoulder to Shoulder

And on film from the DUMBO Sessions:


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