Animal Cracked Out


This right here is a test pressing of the new 3LP box set, Animal Crack Box, from Animal Collective of live material that was “recorded live to MiniDisc at various locations over the course of the course of the first three years or so of the band.” Right now it’s up for auction on eBay for charity by the Catsup Plate label it’s being released on.

from the Ebay listing:

“We never know what to do with test pressings here at Catsup Plate. Fairly soon after we approve them we have commercial copies of the record, so the test pressing usually go into a box somewhere. Save them for the grandkids or something like that.

For our upcoming 3LP boxed set of live and unreleased Animal Collective music, entitled Animal Crack Box, we’ve decided to do something a bit more positive with a set of the test pressings and offer them up for auction with 100% of proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières, a Nobel Peace Prize winning medical humanitarian organization who do a tremendous job in offering impartial and non-political help to victims of violence, neglect, or catastrophe around the world.”

Some obvious favorites from their expanding catalog:

Animal Collective – Summertime Clothes [from the Merriweather Post Pavillion LP]

Animal Collective – No More Runnin [from the Merriweather Post Pavillion LP]

Animal Collective – Street Flash [from the Water Curses EP]

Animal Collective – For Reverend Green [from the Strawberry Jam LP]

Animal Collective – Fireworks [from the Strawberry Jam LP]

Animal Collective – Who Could Win A Rabbit [ from the Sung Tongs LP]

A while ago Mr. Bradford Cox of Deerhunter had his friends in Animal Collective make some micromixes for his blog. Here’s the results:

Avey Tare Micromix

Panda Bear Micromix

And to overload this post just enough on this band that in my opinion keeps getting better and better, check out this video of the now classic My Girls


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