Creative Genius


I’ve been meaning to post this episode of the TED Talks for a while. It’s with the author Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat, Pray, Love fame. She talks about a different way of viewing/defining creative genius. It’s really an excellent and inspiring talk. I’d encourage everyone to subscribe to the TED Talks podcast. There’s dozens of talks given by amazingly brilliant speakers. All worth watching over and over again.

And on the subject of creative genius…

The new Grizzly Bear album Veckatimest is soon to drop (May 26). This album promises to be better and grander in scope than their previous excellent albums. Here’s a couple new tracks as well as two from their recent performance at BAM with the Brooklyn Philharmonic.


Grizzly Bear – Two Weeks [from the Veckatimest LP]

Grizzly Bear – Cheerleader [from the Veckatimest LP]

Grizzly Bear – Colorado [live at BAM]

Grizzly Bear – Foreground [live at BAM]


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