A Beginning?


So over the years of knowing people and having friends, i’ve enjoyed very much turning others onto things that i’ve, however briefly, fallen in love with. However, when i am no longer a part of these people’s daily lives, they often find that there is a hole growing inside of them somewhere. Understandably so. This is a hole that i would like to try to fill again.  This blog is my attempt to do that.

Rather than corrensponding with each of you individually, i’ll just put stuff here. Some of you will like some of it, some of you will like all of it (maybe?). Regardless, i hope what i put here keeps you coming back, however sporadically.

To try to keep this from being a completely narcissistic endeavor, i want to invite all of you to participate in the upkeep of The Daily Rag. If you find yourself listening to a song on repeat for days, write up a little something and send it to me. Or don’t write anything at all, just send me the song. I’ll post it here unedited and list you as the author. And it doesn’t have to be just music. Art, design, fashion, news, etc… Anything is welcome. I want this place to be a communal well of inspiration and delight. A place for friends to come, participate, and enjoy each other’s interests.

Don’t be shy. Please enjoy.

Along with this post’s image (which is a handprinted screenprint by Aesthetic Apparatus) here’s a sampling of some things i’ve been listening to:

Air France – Collapsing at your doorstep

From the No Way Down EP

Animal Collective – My Girls

From the Merriweather Post Pavilion LP

George Michael – Careless Whisper

From some George Michael LP (the sax in this shit is sick!)

Kraak and Smaak – Squeeze me

From the Plastic People LP

The Clipse – Intro

From the Road to Till the Casket Drops Mixtape



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3 responses to “A Beginning?

  1. philconway

    great job phil. this is going to be great.

  2. caroline

    finally…. my life is complete… xxoo

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